Monday, August 22, 2011

Maula Answers Every Mumin's araz

In 1976, when Huzurala came to Calcutta, I had gone for qadambosi during a ziyafat given by college students. My final medical examinaton was the following morning so when it was my turn, I did araz to Aqa Maula for dua. Just then Huzurala turned to speak to the Shehzadi Saheb standing alongside… my words were lost on Huzurala. The volunteers had thrust the next person in front; I was asked to move ahead and soon it was the end of a long-awaited turn. Soon there were dozens of others entreating Maula with their diverse requests.

Maula Answers Every Mumin's araz

I was ushered out beyond sound, beyond sight. I had blown my opportunity.

When something like this happens, you become superstitious. Was it a foreboding of poor examination performance? Was it a latent message on how my career would turn out?

Resigned, I sat at the thaal but would not eat. This thing kept spooling and unspooling in my head: maulana had not replied, maulana had not replied, maulana had not replied.

Suddenly, I noticed the Shehzadi saheb going from thaal to thaal and asking something. She came to ours. ‘Who was the medical student who had done araz for success in her final exam? Moulana yeh ehne yaad farmaya chhey’.

I rose. I was held by hand, the crowds parted, and suddenly I was in front of Maulana. I re-mumbled my araz. And wept. Maulana said, “Tamey rouchho sukaam?” And then, like a concerned father, he held the fingers of both my hands for seconds before pronouncing, “Khuda chaahse to tu safal thaase.”

It turned out to be a dua not only for the exam but for life. I passed the exam with ease; today I am a successful practising doctor in Kolkata.

Dawoodi Bohras : Following interview of Dr Sakina Putly, Calcutta, by Mudar Patherya


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