Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Will this pain ever end ?

WE WERE shifting house in Bangkok in 1997. I was responsible for the transfer. Carrying bags. Pulling out drawers. Carting material.

It must have been a big drawer full of hardware tools that triggered a sharp pain down my leg. The doctor pronounced: severe scoliosis of 35% in my upper frame caused by a major disc herniation of lumbars 4 and 5. Only medical intervention could resolve this.

It didn’t. As time passed, the pain grew worse. Deeper. Sharper. Longer. Nights would be sleepless; days painful.

Meanwhile, I became a victim for medical experimentation. Chinese massage. Acupuncture. Chiropractor adjustment. Ultra sound. Laser treatment. Physiotherapy exercise. Ozone injections in the disc. Yoga. You name it, I underwent it.

Defeated by every medical intervention across three years, I finally resolved to seek my final medical intervention.

Huzurala was to attend a ziafat (in Singapore). Since it was almost maghrib we were specifically asked not to tender any araz. This was my dilemma …my last chance, directive for no araz, my last chance, directive for no araz.

Huzurala appeared. He walked towards where I stood. He walked past. Finally, I cried in anguish, "Maula! Hu Bangkok si aayo chhu, aney maney kamar ma bau dukhe chey! Bau problem chhey!" It was more the last plea of a drowning man than a formal araz.

Huzurala stopped, turned slightly in my direction, ‘saw mefor about 10 seconds (eternity!), smiled and proceeded. This is what I felt: someone pouring water down my back.

The pain went away forever.

Dawoodi Bohras : Following interview of Ali Asgar Matcheswalla, Shareqa (UAE) by Mudar Patherya (Calcutta):

Source: www.bohranet.com

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